Le groupe

DAD, the five-piece, Paris-based band, is ready to ascend France’s burgeoning art rock scene with its latest album, Vitro. An eleven-track effort that synthesizes the quintet's collective influences, ranging from Peter Gabriel to Efterklang, Gang of Four to Sigur Ros, Brian Eno to Grizzly Bear, the recording finds DAD sculpting these touchstones into their own forward- looking vision.
From one track to the next, DAD offers a multi-dimensional sonic pastiche that can veer between sweeping melodies (“Get Back To Me”) to ethereal soundscapes (“Sensation”). In one fell swoop, spoken word meditations morph into booming percussion pieces (“Rain Dance”), while baroque pop explodes into dense, anthemic guitar rock (“Ink”).
By alternating and juxtaposing these varied approaches, DAD has created a set of songs overflowing with texture and character. This ultimately serves to define Vitro as uncommon in the best way.
Recorded and mixed by Grammy Award-winning engineer David Odlum and set for release this Fall, DAD will support Vitro with an international tour that includes festival appearances and club dates.
Look and listen for DAD to emerge as one of the most buzzed about young bands from the Parisian indie rock world this year.